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Knowledge is beautiful. Your tools should be too.

You strive every day because deep down you love knowledge. Bibdex strives every day to make the pursuit of knowledge as wonderful as knowledge itself.

We believe

You deserve good tools.

Doing research is hard enough. Your tools shouldn't make research harder.

Research is a human process.

Good tools should encourage the people we depend on to help us do better work.

Customers are our funders.

Your research notes are too important to depend on fickle grants. We only work for you.

You deserve good service.

We work for you. We strive for fast, friendly, supportive customer service.

You're human.

You deserve not just respect, but understanding, compassion, support, fun, wonder, and joy.

We're human.

Specifically, one human (so far)! Bibdex is just starting out. I appreciate your help!

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at and follow Bibdex on Twitter.

If you want to mail us cookies, we can be found at

88 Woburn Ave,
Toronto, ON, Canada,
M5M 1K6

Who is Bibdex?

Bibdex is the pride and joy of Sunir Shah. He proudly wields a Masters degree in library science and design from the University of Toronto.